Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yup things have been busy!! Thats good though right??!!

People are obviously not too afraid of the economy.....many of my clients are tanning preparing for their spring vacations.

Now I am starting to prepare for our next big event this summer. We have registered the family for the American Diabetes Association "Tour de Cure". I am excited about this event! Hubby and the two boys are going to be cycling, just the short distance though. Don't want to over do it the first year :) What am I doing......well......I am going to volunteer. I will have to practice my handing out water and cheering as they cross the finish line. :)

This is a special thing they are starting this year for the race. Anyone participating in the event that lives with diabetes will wear a red shirt.

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Country Mouse said...

I want a SPRING vacation!!! :)