Monday, March 30, 2009

Soccer Sunday

I would love to be able to post pictures of Cj playing his game, but they just don't come out that good! :( I have a question?? Should girls be allowed to play in boys soccer if there are girls leagues available for them to play in??
I feel very frustrated about this. I can understand the girls wanting to move up and play and blah, blah, blah. BUT......the flip side. I have raised a gentleman for a son. I have always taught him that you treat a girl with respect and you be NICE to them. Being nice hitting, no pushing, no kicking, etc.... However, with soccer, he is now faced with playing against girls on the opposing teams. He will NOT be aggresive when facing them. He just won't do it!! The girls brutalize the guys and the guys are ruluctant to fight back like they would if it were another guy. I see the frustration in my son and the other boys on the team.


Country Mouse said...

JMO ~ few things... 1) in school SPONSORED soccer you will not run into that issue...because there IS a girl's team and no I DON'T think they should play with the boys.

2) if you are paying to play...then I guess it's game on. Those girl's parents are paying just like you are for their kids to play and if the girls choose to play on a boy team then they should be treated like anyone else on that team. If they don't want to get hit, kicked or pushed around like the boys would to any other other opposing teammate they should play on the girl team. I'm just curious why they would CHOOSE to play with the boys. I think the girls leagues are just as competitive....?

3) they should segregate it... boys league, girls league and co-ed. That way people can make educated decisions on what team they want to play on

Tami said...

thanks for the input CM